gathering shadows

Suzanne Davey, Gathering Shadows (series), stoneware ceramic, 45 x 40 x 40cm
Suzanne Davey, Gathering Shadows (series), stoneware ceramic, 45 x 45 x 55cm
Suzanne Davey, Gathering Shadows (series), stoneware ceramic, 60 x 40 x 40 cm
Suzanne Davey, Gathering Shadows (series), stoneware ceramic

Gathering Shadows is a ceramic series exploring clay as an earth media shaped by human touch and actions. Responding to ceramic vessel traditions of containment and control, the works consider potential consequences of collective actions and inaction towards environmental ecologies.

Site responsive installation, Gathering Shadows, stonware ceramic, bricks, bones. wood, charcoal, shells, metal, 70 x 300 x 300 cm

The works have also been exhibited as a site responsive installation that responds to the changing cultural history of the Coal Loader, Waverton, from its indigenous heritage, land use on the site, its role in facilitating the coal mining industry through to its current role as a centre for sustainability on the harbour foreshore. The installation considers our inter-dependence with site histories (indigenous, animal, geological).  Notions of temporal flows, site ruptures and dis-ruptures, surface wounds and healing are investigated. Unable to hold back their contents, shells, small animal bones, charcoal and bricks flow and spill from the ceramic forms.

Installation detail, Gathering Shadows, stoneware ceramic, bricks, small animal bones, wood, charcoal, shells, metal, 70cm x 300cm x 300cm