Suzanne Davey is a contemporary artist based in Sydney, Australia. She works principally in mixed media installation and sculpture and has exhibited widely in gallery, public and natural spaces. 

By creating spatial ensembles from textiles, ceramics, natural and everyday materials she aims to examine fragility in natural systems, social struggles and inter-relationships between people and spaces they co-inhabit. Plants and patterns of human behaviours are a key focus of creative exploration through series such as the Garden of Cruel Delights

Tactile material investigations are integral to her practice, with surface, texture and feel paramount. The fleshy qualities of textiles,  the responsiveness of clay to touch and rituals of constructive and destructive making particularly resonate.  Performative qualities in her works are often present, from public art works that respond to environmental phenomena such as air movement, light, to moments of transition and transformation expressed through dynamic forms such as flight. A research approach to place, making and materials as matter and actions laden with cultural meaning guides her work. 

Suzanne’s professional background includes arts public programs, arts administration, design, art education and arts project coordination with a focus on fostering community participation and connections through creativity.