Collecting Mountains

Suzanne Davey, Collecting Mountains, sound, ceramics, photography
 and mixed media. 220cm x 200cm x 150cm


Collecting Mountainsis multidisciplinary installation created for EARTH: Four Elements exhibition at Warringah Creative Space. The project includes sound, photography, ceramics, plants, books relating to mountains, topographical maps of mountainous areas, domestic furniture, bricks and volcanic rocks. The sound element was a soothing Mountain Meditation repeated continuously. It was created by Wendy Wood, University of Derby, as part of a nursing workshop on compassion focussed therapy.
Collecting Mountainsreflects upon our complex and contradictory interrelationship with geology and our passive observations of the altered ecologies of the earths surface as we go about our day to day lives.
The work investigates mountains as a cultural construct upon which we project our desires for conquest, escape from the everyday, for spiritual fulfillment, our thirst for exploration and aspirational dreams. They fulfil key physical and psychological human needs yetwe transform them irrevocably via land acquisition, large scale landscaping, mining and architectural interventions.
The installation explores clay as an earth resource transformed by human action and draws upon ceramic decorative traditions of display in a domestic context, as passive background to our everyday experiences.
Collecting Mountains asks how we might re-imagine our future relationshipwith the earths surface and considers how we may evolve into a sustaining speciesthrough reflection and thoughtful action.
Ceramic detail, Suzanne Davey, Upside Down Mountain Pot, stoneware,
metal stand, plant 180
cm x 55cm x 55cm
Installation detail, Suzanne Davey, Book Mountain, stoneware,
books (mountain books not depicted), 50cm x 60cm x 35cm


Ceramic detail, Suzanne Davey, Slices of Mountains,
220cm x 200cm x 150cm
Installation detail, Suzanne Davey, ceramic from Shadowlands series,
stoneware, 25cm x20cm x 20cm