Bitter Pills: in situ 13

Suzanne Davey, Bitter Pills, ceramic, sticks, metal, plastic,
 fabric, stones, paint, cardboard, 270 x 180 x 50cm 

Bitter Pills was an installation created for the Mosman Festival Of Sculpture and Installation, in situ 13. Organised by the Mosman Art Gallery and curated by Cassandra Hard Lawrie the exhibition started at the gallery and then trailed through Mosman’s shopping and cafe precinct. It featured 50 works by Australia’s leading sculptors and installation artists. The work featured in the shopfront of the Harmony Pharmacy, Military Road, Mosman


Bitter Pills is a response to the notion of harmony and dis-harmony. Harmony Pharmacy dispenses conventional pharmacy medicines as well as natural and complementary medicine. It practices an integrative approach to health, including body, mind and spirit. In Bitter Pills nature is transformed and re-configured by the application of various pressures (squashing, twisting, squeezing), and the results encapsulated in plastic pill casings. The work reflects our everyday experiences of stresses and strains, and the sometimes catastrophic results to our fragile health when things get out of balance.

Ceramic detail
Detail of sculptures prior to creating the installation