Beauty Leaves Wounds Behind

Suzanne Davey, Beauty Leaves Wounds Behind, textile, thread, led light, 200cm x 120cm x 25cm

Beauty Leaves Wounds Behind commenced as an exploration of repetitive actions (stitch, cut), deconstructive and re-constructive textile techniques, the materiality and history of uniform, and was initiated while travelling in Japan.

The work was later exhibited in LAND, Manly Art Gallery.

The work responds to land as a space where histories of conflict and struggle collide with our current emotional and bodily experiences.  Land is considered as a site of flux and transformation, where these elements come together in a state of repeated collision, collapse, and rebirth. Here a power symbol is stripped bare, deconstructed and reconstructed using repetitive actions until it is transformed anew and its origins unrecognisable. Moments are recorded with each stitch, threads briefly linking pieces before they are subsumed into a fragile chaotic network.  The slippery nature of the geopolitical histories of land are especially apparent in our digital age and easily and often exploited by people in positions of power. Like the uniform histories become obscured and altered in networks of information and misinformation. It asks what are the future emotional and physical costs for us when past histories are clouded?


Suzanne Davey, Detail of thread work, Beauty Leaves Wounds Behind.